Things To Do in East Gippsland


From Metung, the Gippsland Lakes stretch out before you. The village is set in the gentle curve of Bancroft Bay, with Lake King at its back. This wonderful, natural environment is home to amazing birdlife, dolphins and fish, and a wide range of native animals. The Gippsland Lakes also offer unrivalled boating – sheltered inland waterways free from rocks, reefs and tides – it’s a boating paradise.



Nyerimilang Heritage Park is on the shores of the Gippsland Lakes, 8 kilometres by road East of Metung. The park is ideal for picnics featuring attractive gardens and pastoral surroundings and walks along bush and farm tracks. The park also offers magnificent views across Reeve Channel and the lakes beyond.Things to Do Nyerimilang is used by local community groups for activities concerned with history and the natural environment. These events are advertised locally and are generally open to all park visitors. Walking tracks

  • Whistling Kite Track (0.75 km – 10 mins one way): after a grassland walk, the track passes through various forest types. The Whistling Kite, a large brown hawk, nests in the tall Blue Gums that surround this short walk.
  • Homestead Track (1.1 km – 25 mins one way): the original entrance to Nyerimilang Homestead was via this track from Maringa Creek crossing. Leaving the homestead, the track gently descends through moist gully vegetation to swamp, then salt marsh.
  • Cliff Top Walk (1.7 km – 30 mins one way): the meandering, mostly level track affords the visitor panoramic views of the nearby lake system and Bass Strait beyond.
  • Kurrajong Track (0.75 km – 10 mins one way): this track is a link between Cliff Top and Homestead tracks. The Kurrajong, an evergreen native tree, is most obvious on the northern end of this track.
  • Salt Marsh Track (1.2 km – 25 mins one way): the track is from the Kalimna West road to Reeve Channel. The salt marsh environment surrounding the tidal Maringa Creek gives way to the sandy shoreline of the lake system.
  • Bird Hide Track (0.4 km – 5 mins one way): commences at the intersection of Cliff Top Walk and Salt Marsh Track.

Opening Hours: Daily
10:00am 3:30pm
Open until 4pm during daylight savings


Traveller safety information

Near the township of Buchan, lies a honeycomb of caves full of spectacular limestone formations. Buchan Caves were formed by underground rivers cutting through limestone rock. The formations are created by rain water seeping through cracks and dissolving some of the limestone. As each droplet comes through the roof it deposits calcite which crystallises in a small ring. In time, stalactites are formed on the roof of the cave, and stalagmites build up from droplets which fall to the floor.The Reserve was established to cater to the needs of the thousands of visitors who visit the caves each year.

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Spend time in the Visitor Information and Interpretation Centre and learn more about our natural and cultural heritage.
Visit the caves. Guided tours are conducted daily in Royal Cave and Fairy Cave. Both caves are lit and have concrete pathways. Royal Cave features beautiful calcite-rimmed pools; Fairy Cave features elaborate stalactites and stalagmites.

Tour Times:

  • * September school holidays to Easter ~ Royal Cave (more tours during peak periods – approx every half hour) 10.00am, 1.00pm, 3.30pm.
  • * September school holidays to Easter ~ Fairy Cave (more tours during peak periods – approx every half hour) 11.15am, 2.15pm.
  • * Post-Easter school holidays to pre-September school holidays (more tours now running every hour from 10.30am – 3pm up to and
  • * including July 14th) 11.00am (Royal Cave), 1.00pm (Fairy Cave), 3.00pm (Royal Cave)


Please note: Limited numbers taken per tour – Bookings recommended for 10 or more

Call 13 19 63

Special cave tours (some of which involve donning a helmet and light) for small groups are offered during the school holidays and may be organised by prior arrangement.

Walk the Spring Creek Track (90 minutes return) or try the shorter walks in the area.

Swim in the pool fed by a natural spring.

For further enquiries please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Reserve has a swimming pool, playground, walking tracks, picnic ground, toilets, and Visitor Information and Interpretation Centre. Light snacks and refreshments are available at the Visitor Centre.

There are 49 powered and many more unpowered campsites. Booking is required at Christmas and Easter school holiday periods.

Fully self-contained units are also available and bookings are required all year round.

Guided cave tours operate regularly every day except Christmas Day.

Guided cave tours may be booked in advance for large groups organised by schools or coach companies.

Motel and cabin accommodation is available in Buchan