All my Truffles and Fudges and now the Grand Cru Range, are meticulously handmade in my registered kitchen in picturesque Metung.

Using premium quality Swiss Couverture Chocolate, Gippsland Creams, and in most cases Australian Fruits and Nuts. Which are all carefully blended together, then individually handcrafted into shape, enrobed in chocolate and embellished with design, for your enjoyment.

Due to use of fresh cream, I suggest my chocolate delicacies be consumed within a few weeks of their creation, so I know you are enjoying them at their smooth and creamy best.

You will find them all year round from Cafe’s in Metung, like the top shelf of Bancroft Bites cake fridge, and The Metung Galley display bench. I also do up Gift Boxes and Truffle Bars, which are available at The Metung Village Store, in a Chocodence display box.

In the cooler months the Metung Information Centre has a range of Truffle Bars I also do the Farmers Market, in the cooler months, where I have a large range of most of my product for sampling and sales. Including Truffles, Fudges and Gourmet Rocky Road to Nougat (made from local honey and eggs,) to Gift boxes of all sizes. etc etc.

My product is also available at selected Cafe’s and Restaurants through out Gippsland and beyond.